How it works?


Cyrkl is a young and innovative technology company and business partner for more than 500 companies. In our free digital matching platform, we find new high-value reuse options for materials or waste products for companies. Cyrkl is determined to accelerate the global transition to a circular economy – and play a part in creating a more viable planet. By showing the financial and ecological value of materials. 


The whole solution works similarly to the Uber platform, where the company registers on one hand and submits what it offers or what it is interested in. Thanks to automatic data analytics, it is connected with a business partner, with whom they can already agree on specific requirements. Waste can be traded as well as by-products of production and all types of recyclates. The team of waste experts then helps to determine whether the material is suitable and to whom it is optimal to hand it in accordance with the law.


Cyrkl enables to you:

Turn your waste into a revenue          Source of secondary raw materials     Innovations in circular economy

What can I offer:

All wastes, recycled materials, by-products and generally secondary raw materials from plastics, building materials, paper, textiles, glass, electrical waste and other categories. If you are offering material in the waste mode, it is necessary to find a requesting company that has the necessary waste management license.

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