About Us


In Cyrkl, we see waste as resources. We are a group of waste experts and specialists in digital innovation and circular economy. We aim to bring creativity and innovation into the world of lawful waste management. We make it possible to optimize the management of waste, recycled materials and by-products of production by passing on from those who have to those in need.


Cyril Klepek, CEO

Cyril is an expert in the field of innovation and circular economy. He graduated from the University of Economics degree in Economics and Economic Policy, where he continued his doctoral studies. During this period he was also responsible for innovation at Raiffeisenbank and the establishment of Raiffeisen Advisory. He was an innovative leader in Direct People and is the editor-in-chief of the publications Circular Czech Republic 1 and 2.



Laura Mitroliosová, COO

Laura worked for 7 years at a banking institution, where she gained knowledge of operations, processes and project financing. Now she has been the Financial and Operations Manager of the Institute of Circular Economics, for the fifth year, and she works as Operations Director in Cyrkl. Laura specializes in waste issues and the circular economy, where she has been using innovative techniques for more than 5 years to transform “waste into a source”.




Viktorie Vítková, Waste Management Expert

Viktorie graduated in Technology and Waste Management at the Czech University of Life Sciences. Now he is also involved in research of littering within the PhD study. According to her, the principles of the circular economy should be the norm and waste is seen primarily as a resource. Its job is to find out whether the material is suitable, to whom it is optimal in accordance with the law and how to manage its waste management in a modern way.


Ondřej Vorel, Data Expert

Ondřej is an IT specialist in data architecture and business intelligence. He graduated from the CULS in the field of System Engineering and Computer Science. He has gathered his experience to date in international companies, across the Czech Republic, Germany and Greece. Currently, it combines the development of IT and data infrastructure for Cyrkl with projects for clients from around the world.



Alvin Korčák, CMO

Alvin is a marketing manager specializing in social networking and copywriting. He studied bachelor sociology at Masaryk University. He takes care of social networks and other clients while writing a successful blog about minimalism. In Cyrkl, his mission is to take care of marketing and PR completely so that in the future all Czech brands like Cyrkl want to be.



Regina Zenkerová, Waste Management Expert Junior

Regina is a student of the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague, specializing in the use of natural resources. She would also like to focus on waste treatment technology. In addition to his studies, he also works at the Department of Soil Science and Soil Protection, where he studies environmental contaminants in the laboratory.


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