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LT-ST1000 Double Layer Stretch Film Extruder

Санкт-Петербург Detailed description 1. Extrusion module 1.1 Screw diameter: Φ75mm, Ф5mm 1.2 L / D ratio: 30: 1 1.3 Main drive: 22 kW, 37 kW 1.4 Reducer with thrust unit: SG-35, SG-50 1.5 Frequency converter: Vesper RF 1.6 Heaters: cast aluminum with blowing fins 2. Slotted head. 2.1 Flat die: Liutira 2.2 Gap adjustment method: Manual adjustment. 2.3 Die width: 1150mm 2.4 Gap: 1.0mm 2.5 Two sets of melt filters with manual filter change and hydraulic drive. 3. Cooling system: 3.1 First liquid-cooled calender D300 * 1150mm 3.2 Second liquid-cooled calender D300 * 1150mm 3.3 The cooling system has two circuits for uniform cooling regulation. 3.4 Calenders have their own drive with frequency control. 4. Automatic contact rewinder. 4.1 Type of winding: contact with automatic change of the winding shaft. 4.2 Winding on pneumatic shafts, 2 pcs. 4.3 Max winding width: 1000 mm with longitudinal cutting during operation. 4.4 The drive of the rewinder is independent by means of an asynchronous motor through a reduction gear. 4.5 Rewinder motor control via Vesper RF frequency converter. 5. Control system 5.1 Temperature control: automatic PID controllers. 5.2 Change of operating parameters and control is carried out through the touch control panel. 5.3 The control panel is Russified. 5.4 The programmable logic controller implements the idea of maintaining the operating parameters in automatic mode. Also responsible for the operation of interaction with the interface of the touch control panel. 6. Liquid cooling system. 6.1 The cooling system is looped, for optimal performance it is recommended to install an industrial refrigerator (chiller) or cooling tower.

1 500 000,00 CZK/pcs 1 pcs

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