New publication Circular Czechia 3

27. 11 .2020, Kolektiv autorů & Martin Gillár, jIC

Photovoltaics for a crown, reusable packaging, recycling plastic products and the use of waste gas. These are examples of circular economy in Czech practice, which are presented by its authors in the Circular Czechia 3. Their goal is to show, that the principles of circular economy can really work. "In today's linear world, economic growth is associated with increasing consumption of materials. We extract 100 billion tons of material in the Czech Republic every year and then return only 9% of it to circulation. But there are solutions and there is no shortage of good examples in our country as well" says Cyril Klepek from the digital waste platform Cyrkl, which is behind the release together with JIC, Impact Hub, the innovation agency Direct People, the Institute of Circular Economics and the Change for Better initiative.

The publication Circular Czechia 3 brings a behind-the-scenes look at eight companies - it maps the challenges they face, presents their circular solutions and the results they have achieved with them. In total, there are twenty pages full of inspiration not only for entrepreneurs and managers, but also for representatives of organizations, cities and municipalities and the general public. "The stories of companies are timeless, we can see this in the example of previous issues of the publication, which was downloaded by over twenty thousand people," explains Soňa Jonášová from the Institute of Circular Economics one of the reasons why the authors decided to publish the third volume.

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Innovation must respond to the speed of time

Every year, new edition. There is no shortage of good examples. "Innovation development is extremely fast and more and more entrepreneurs are realizing the potential of the circular model," adds Michal Veselý, Marketing Director of JIC. It also refers, for example, to the Change for Better initiative, in which over two hundred companies and organizations are already involved. One of the three pillars of the initiative is the circular economy. But there are still many companies for which this concept is difficult to grasp. This is also confirmed by the director of Impact Hub Petr Vítek: "There is a big gap between the sympathetic concept of circularity and its implementation, which requires courage to change the status quo for many normal things (for example why green electricity or circular procurement is not normal in both public and private sector) and consistency down to the last detail (for example CYRKL data shows that even those companies with very advanced waste management have a potential of 15 to 45% for cost savings and carbon footprint). It is therefore good to admit that circularity and sustainability are not a state but a process and an overall attitude. "

Companies need inspiration and concrete examples

Circular Czechia 3 shows examples of a wide range of industries that can serve as inspiration for other companies. Readers will learn how to get a photovoltaic panel for a crown, how to produce reusable packaging using so-called precycling, that it is possible to produce recycled residual plastic, reusable textile pallets and a reusable raw material, and what the work of an architectural studio looks like. The stories of companies complement the views of the circular economy from various angles through the eyes of experts from individual institutions that deal with the topic. Jaroslav Mojžíš from Direct People believes that inspiration is what companies need. "The concept of circular economics is no longer unknown to most of them. But they need to see that it also brings them economic benefits. And he will see this best on specific examples of practice," Jaroslav Mojžíš concludes, that the third part of the publication will be - compared to the previous parts - only in electronic form, also due to the currently very difficult conditions for distribution.

‐ Kolektiv autorů & Martin Gillár, jIC

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