Main image of the offer Waste milling PP polypropylene granules material chamber plates

Waste milling PP polypropylene granules material chamber plates

Location Nowy Tuchom
Waste code 16 01 19

Hello! We are a company dealing in the construction of commercial vehicles. We have recently added to our offer the installation of walls and ceilings made of PP multi-chamber boards. The waste that arises when cutting out our car body elements is very valuable waste from the point of view of plastic processing. It is a solid-colored waste, made of PP only, and it is fine and therefore easy to grind. In the attachments I am sending illustrative photos of the waste. Waste always in one color - gray RAL 9006 made of 5 mm thick polypropylene cellular boards. These are leftovers after cutting on the plotter. the waste would be collected in Big Bags at a rate of approximately one bag per month. We are able to store the amount needed for logistic and transport purposes. We can also deliver the waste to the site. I am asking for a quote for the purchase of our waste. greetings

Price By agreement
Amount 1000 kg
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