Main image of the offer Recycling line for processing waste PE / or PP foil, YDN V-85

Recycling line for processing waste PE / or PP foil, YDN V-85

Location Zbraslavice

BASIC INFORMATION: Input material: LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, PP Max. power: PP 180 kg / hour, HDPE 200 kg / hour, LDPE 220 kg / hour Machine dimensions: 7800 mm (L) x 5650 mm (W) x 2762 mm (H) Total energy consumption: 140 kW Water consumption: approx. 15 l / min Required water pressure: 3 kg / cm3 EXTRUDER: Screw diameter: 850 mm made of SCM 4 steel, L / D: 32: 1 Speed control: 0 - 150 rpm Heating power on the screw: 32.5 kW Quantity heating zones on the auger: 5 pcs Cooling: 5 fans of 0.125 HP Main motor: 75 HP regulated by a frequency converter NETWORK REPLACEMENT: Hydraulic cylinder: FA-100x 240 ST SECOND EXTRUDER: Screw diameter: 1000 mm, L / D: 12: 1 Speed : 0-150 rpm Motor: 40 HP controlled by frequency converter Hydraulic screen change GRANULATION EQUIPMENT: Number of knives: 4 pcs Temperature control: 1 zone Heating: 2.65 kW COOLING EQUIPMENT Motor: 2 HP controlled by frequency converter CRUSHER: Cylindrical type with temperature sensor dia. 750 mm Motor: 50 HP 4 pcs of rotary knives, 13 pcs of stationary knives BELT CONVEYOR Dimensions: 3600 mm (L) x 480 mm (W) Motor: 1 HP Feed speed: 0.05 m / sec VIBRATING DRYER Water pump: 3 HP Granule production motor: 1/2 HP x 2 pcs Water collector size: 2000 mm x 670 mm x 471 mm COLLECTION FORCE (incl. Dosing fan) Volume: 500 kg EXTRA EQUIPMENT: Drying tower for water ring granulation If you are interested in more information about price, about the possibility of inspecting the machine and more, contact us by phone or e-mail.

Price By agreement
Amount 1 pcs
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