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Meltblown extruder LT-MBN95 / 1600

Vilnius Detailed Description 1. Extrusion module 1.1 Screw diameter: Φ95mm; 1.2 L / D ratio: 30: 1 1.3 Main drive: 45 kW, 1.4 Reducer with thrust unit: Ts2U250 1.5 Frequency converter: Vesper 1.6 Heaters: Semi-coupled with forced cooling 1.7 Number of heating zones: 6 1.8 Heaters power: 30 kW. 2. Slit die 2.1 Slit die: Liutira. 2.2 Gap adjustment method: Manual adjustment. 2.3 Die width: 2100mm 2.4 Working width: 2030 mm 2.5 Number of heating zones: 12 per die 2.6 Heater power: 30 kW 2.7 Melt filter kit with manual filter change and hydraulic drive. 2.8 Power of melt filter heaters: 15 kW 3. Cooling system 3.1 Receiving continuous air-cooled conveyor 2100mm 3.2 The cooling system has two circuits for uniform cooling control. 3.3 The conveyor has its own frequency controlled drive. 3.4 Conveyor material: fiberglass mesh. 3.5 Broach shafts D 100 * 2100 mm, neoprene coating. 3.6 Drive drive induction motor 5.5 kW with worm gear. 3.7 The conveyor has an independent drive for up / down movement by 100 mm and forward / backward by 1000 mm. 4. Automatic contact winder 4.1 Type of winding: contact with automatic change of the winding shaft. Two broaching shafts D 100 * 2100 mm 4.2 Winding on a pneumatic roll, 2 pcs. 4.3 Max winding width: 2100 mm. 4.4 The drive of the rewinder is independent by means of an asynchronous motor 7.5 kW through a reduction gear. 4.5 Rewinder motor control via Vesper frequency converter. 4.6 Automatic cutting and shaft change. 5. Control system 5.1 Temperature control: automatic PID controllers. 5.2 Change of operating parameters and control is carried out through the touch control panel. 5.3 The control panel is Russified. 5.4 The programmable logic controller implements the idea of maintaining the operating parameters in automatic mode. Also responsible for the operation of interaction with the interface of the touch control panel. 6. Liquid cooling system 6.1 Air cooling system, for optimal operation it is recommended to install an industrial refrigerator (chiller) 7. Raw materials used 7.1 The main raw material for meltblown production is polypropylene with MFR 1200-1500 g / 10 min. It is allowed to use raw materials 35-40 g / 10 min with the use of a special modifying additive, which makes it possible to achieve a MFR of 1200-1500 g / 10 min. Bed Structure: Prefabricated with service platform and safety guard. Complete with the line comes an operating manual in Russian, an electrical diagram, a pneumatic diagram, a water supply and circulation diagram, a warranty certificate, a set of consumables based on one year of operation.

1 400 000,00 CZK/pcs 1 pcs

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