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Machinery and equipment

List of equipment and illiquid assets of the plant for the production of paints and varnishes. Victor 89175093249,

Москва An indicative list of equipment and illiquid assets of a plant for the production of paints and varnishes. Victor 89175093249, 1. 2. Bending machine for folding the edge of the sheet; 3. Milling machine; 4. Filling machine for putty; 5. Apparatus paint grinder; 6. The dissolver is large, without a bowl; 7. Tanks with electric heater and stirrers 2 pcs .; 8. Apparatus for stirring enameled (Reactor for the preparation of chemical mixtures). No documentation available; 9. Dust collector of cassette type, at the bottom of the cassette; 10. Tinting machines of the firm "COROB" "KOROB", 1 piece, second-hand, for disassembly for spare parts; 11. Two Lines for the production of tin cans of the firm "Blema" at the Kotovsky paint and varnish plant; 12. Fan heater with shades; 13. Winch with a force of 3 tons; 14. Electric forklift NICHIYU Nippon, FB 15P, 1500kg, 2008. A faulty forklift for sale. Lift height 3000mm No rechargeable batteries. Main control board burned out. Price - 195,000 rubles; 15. "Gazelle" van, 1500kg, 2015, 250000km, Moscow; 16. Tank for mixing 400l with electric motor 2pcs. with a gearbox; 17. Chemical reactor enameled for 100 liters. There are no documents or nameplates; 18. Device with an electric motor for feeding a 5L mastic auger; 19. Stirrer with electric motor, tank on top; 20. Apparatus for filling putty into cans. Above is an electric motor; 21. Paint grinder with an electric motor; 22. High performance plastic crusher; 23. Filling line. Dosing filling device V230.S 08/13/21 24. We sell "Isothermal van", 5 t, 2016, run 150000 km, Moscow. RUB 750,000 Good condition. 25. Molds from plastic for the production of concrete or gypsum decorative tiles 26. Installation for the production of aerated concrete blocks. 2 pieces; 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. Dough mixer. The apparatus itself is a kneader, a tank for a kneader, a trolley for a tank of a kneader. 32. Mixers, capacity 05 m3. Lopatnik. 33. 34. Dispenser D300 Korob, 16 cans. Victor 89175093249,

1 286,00 CZK/pcs 40 pcs

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