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The Industry Directory

Weekly updated database of active and rated contacts

Unlock the Power of the Cyrkl Industry Directory, your ultimate resource for connecting with reliable partners in Europe's waste management and recycling sectors. Dive into a vast network of verified, rated, and dependable business contacts.

Most active users

Most active users

Hand-picked from the most active Cyrkl platform users and other sources, the Industry Directory will connect you to the business partners you really need.

All Europe

All Europe

Conduct business across all of Europe with a strong focus on Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Italy, and Slovakia.

Rated contacts

Rated contacts

Thanks to real-time data from our platform you get access to hundreds of verified, active, rated and trusted contacts each month.

Why Choose
the Cyrkl Industry Directory?

Industry Directory

Save Time

Efficiently locate trustworthy partners, reclaiming your valuable time.

Industry Directory

Save Money

Forge cost-effective connections that deliver value.

Regular Updates

Our database is continually refreshed with new contacts, ensuring you stay ahead.

Justyna Gmyz

Thanks to using its platform and database actively, 90% of my business contacts come from

Justyna GmyzGR Plastics, Poland
Philipp Krauß

I see better reply rate in the database than in other sources, especially by Cyrkl Pro users. Rating based on user activity is also useful. My experience with Cyrkl tools is getting better and better.

Philipp KraußKrauss Consulting & Recycling, Germany

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When buying Cyrkl Industry Database you’ll get the power of Cyrkl Pro plan as bonus so you have all the tools you need to do the business.

Increased visibilty

Pro user badge. Promoted offers and demands on marketplace and in emailing. Automatic renewal of your offer after first two weeks.

Full user rating

Complete rating of the users as well as seller phone and email and access to the public profiles of sellers.

Priority Personal assistance

Immediate personal assistance response by local team.

Early access

Immediate visibility of new offers and demands.

Unlimited Offers & Unlimited Chat

...and of course all the benefits of the free plan.

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