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21. 12 .2021, Cyrkl

The year 2021 is coming to an end and we would like to thank you, our clients and fans, for your support. Cyrkl wouldn't be complete without you. Thanks to you, there are over 10,000 companies connecting with each other and contributing to the circular economy. Thanks to you, our Cyrkl Team is growing – there are already over 30 people taking care of our customers and upcoming innovations, which will make connecting with other companies easier in the future. Thanks to you, companies outside of Europe will be able to join our platform next year.

So how is our Cyrkl Team preparing for Christmas? Sustainably, of course! Sustainability is our lifestyle as well as our mission. We want to share our personal tips on celebrating Christmas sustainably this year.

Sustainable Christmas tree

Are you also not a fan of artificial Christmas trees? Producing an artificial Christmas tree requires a large amount of energy and materials, and on top of that they aren't recyclable. Do you prefer the smell of real trees, but you are saddened by the amount of Christmas trees that end up in the trash after Christmas without being re-used or processed? Have you tried getting a tree in a pot, but it died before the Spring, because of the temperature changes? Our Czech Country Manager Viki has been dealing with the same problem and she found a great solution to share with you: „Every year I think about a truly ecological Christmas tree. There are many options: buying a tree in a pot, renting a tree, or recycling a tree in a special container. I thought about buying a tree and using it to burn later during the Saint Walpurgis Night, but then I found a great solution - a service provided by a Czech company BEZOBALU (Zero waste). They are buying trees with defects from a local farmer and re-sell them. These trees would have been thrown away otherwise, but you can buy them to make your house look and smell great during Christmas. I can't wait to decorate our tree with vintage ornaments from my grandmother!”

Zero waste DIY Christmas decorations 

Who doesn't want a beautiful festive home on Christmas? There are an unlimited amount of Christmas ornaments and decorations on the market. You don't have to spend money and hours in  a packed shopping mall to get pretty decorations – create decorations out of natural materials you can find all around you. Our marketing manager Eva shared her tips on creating homemade Christmas decorations: „Every year I go to a mall or a gardening store to buy decorations and to get into the Christmas spirit. This year, however, I searched for the Christmas spirit during my long walks in the forest. I found an inexhaustible amount of materials – birch branches, broken conifers,  rose hips, or oak leaves, and I put them all to good use. I visited the farmers markets to buy a straw base and mooring wire for the Christmas wreaths, and I created the rest of our decorations out of materials and ornaments we found home or in the forest. Instead of Christmas lights, our house is adorned with recycled mason jars with candles. After the holidays, I will happily return the empty jars to our local beekeeper to fill them up with honey. I will decorate the Christmas Eve table with a tablecloth made out of organically grown cotton and linen placemats sewn by local seamstresses. And our Christmas presents? Probably something made out of sheep wool to keep us warm all winter.

Purchase and consume food wisely

A well-planned Christmas shopping can help you save money and avoid unnecessary food waste. Do you plan your meals and still have food waste? Get inspired by the Zachraň jídlo (Save the Food) project. This project teaches us that even leftover food can find other uses.
If all goes wrong and you still end up with food waste, compost it. Home composting is also classified as waste prevention, explains Zuzka, Cyrkl's bio waste expert: „Cut lemon peels, or dried oranges from decorations into small pieces and put them deeper into the composting pile. This will ensure their fast decomposition. Do you have a vermicomposting bin with Californian earthworms at home? Pay attention to the correct balance of carbonaceous materials - Californian earthworms are sensitive to acidic materials.

Recycle and store excess paper for future use

Are you flooded with Christmas cards every year? The cards can be reused next year, for example as gift tags. Alternatively, you can properly recycle all paper cards or name tags. However, don't forget to cut the parts decorated with glitter, as they do not belong to the paper recycling bin! However, if you struggle with a pile of torn wrapping paper or gift bags every year, remember: the best waste is the one that's not generated. „I am always extremely pleased when I give someone a gift in a beautiful packaging," admits Simona, a Marketing Specialist at Cyrkl. "Beautiful packaging doesn't have to be single use. A few years ago, I used shoe boxes wrapped in paper, decorated them with a ribbon and other adorable decorations such as dried oranges or rose hips. This solution is especially appreciated by the less artistically skilled members of our household," she smiles. "Sometimes I experiment with wrapping presents in fabric – the furoshiki method. For this method I usually use our tablecloths as they are reusable, and the gifts look stunning in them!”

Meaningful gifts

Perhaps everyone has already encountered the Christmas dilemma of choosing the right gifts for their loved ones. If you are a minimalist who cares about sustainability, we have a few tips for you. "In my experience, the ideal gifts are the so-called consumer goods, made with love and tailored to the person. Homemade jam, a tea blend made from hand-picked herbs, a handmade kitchen towel, or a bowl from the ceramics class you are currently attending will always please the recipient, ” recommends Lucia, Cyrkl's waste expert. Additionally, handmade gifts show the recipient that you put thought and effort into their Christmas presents.

Keep the Christmas ornaments safe

Do you have empty egg cartons after Christmas baking? Good news: you can reuse them to store glass Christmas ornaments!

Did you enjoy our tips? Do you have your own recommendations on how to celebrate the holidays sustainably? We would love to hear from you. 

We are looking forward to working with you next year and we wish you a Merry Christmas spent with your loved ones!

For Cyrkl team

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