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Foam glass - ecological - thermal insulation building material

Kunštát ADVANTAGES AND PROPERTIES OF REFAGLASS FOAM GLASS Dry and wet thermal insulation The internal structure of foam glass consists of small closed glass cells that hold firmly together. Thanks to these small enclosed spaces, the glass perfectly prevents the permeation of cold or warm air from the surroundings, which could negatively affect the temperature of the insulated spaces. Prevention of water absorption and freezing Due to the already mentioned enclosed spaces inside the foam glass structure, internal water absorption and only partial surface water absorption are not possible, so that freezing cannot occur. Stability over time Foam glass is not damaged, it is resistant to aging and can be used several times. Non-flammability Foam glass is non-flammable, the softening point is above 700 ° C, it is classified in building material class A1, according to EN 13501-1. Resistance to external influences Foam glass does not absorb or emit any harmful substances or odors. It is resistant to chemical and mechanical influences (weather conditions, organic and inorganic chemicals, insects, rodents, etc.). Low weight Foam glass has a bulk density of only 145 - 165 kg / m3, which is 1/10 of the weight of stone gravel. Comes in loose, in a tarpaulin or in a Big Bag package. Health safety Foam glass is absolutely health-friendly. Strength Thanks to the large number of glass bridges in the foam glass, excellent compressive strength is guaranteed. In the built-in state, the foam glass is interconnected to achieve excellent dimensional stability. Recycling Foam glass is made from recycled glass and can be reused or recycled at any time. PROVISION OF TRANSPORT THROUGHOUT THE CZECH REPUBLIC.

By agreement 1000 m³

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