(EN) Guideline for reducing emissions and benefiting from waste: The 6 steps towards circular waste management

4. 5 .2021, Cyril Klepek

Six simple steps can lead to a change in waste management in a company and towards sustainability, ecology and significant financial savings. This is the main content of the Cyrkl White Paper. It is free to download and contains valuable information by corporate environmentalists as a guide to reduce CO2 emissions and increase savings.

For each individual step (prevention and minimization of waste generation, sorting of waste into recyclable components, closed loop recycling, trading waste digitally and efficiently, use of secondary raw materials in production and analysis of product composition and recyclability) examples of companies that used the Circular Waste Scans are highlighted in the paper. Companies saved money and emissions thanks to circular waste management and further implemented new technologies. 

"One possibility to save money in waste management, especially now in times of financial and environmental crisis, is the transition to a circular economy, which can save thousands of euros. How can businesses transition to a circular waste management smoothly? And how high are the financial savings?” CEO Cyril Klepek in a few sentences summarizes the mission of circular waste scans, which are the source of all data presented in the guideline.

A profit of 24 000 € from selling polypropylene packaging, savings of 229 000 € from selling plastic boxes or a profit of 534 000 € on cable crushing. These are the arguments that corporate ecologists should have in hand if they want to convince their management of the benefits of the circular economy.

Download the guide for free.

Guideline is available in three other languages - Czech, Polish and German.

‐ Cyril Klepek

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